Club Wisdomania is a student driven initiative providing a learning platform to harness leadership and employability skills among students there by bringing a transformation from knowledge domain to wisdom domain.


Hierarchy & Conceptual Skills
1 Integrated view of business and management problems
2 Inter-relationship between functions
3 Ideation and innovation
Analytical Skills
1 Problem definition
2 Problem solving skills
3 Evaluation of alternatives
4 Being comfortable with uncertainty
5 Dealing with complexity
6 Managing risk
7 Translating theory into practice
Communication skills
1 Negotiating skills
2 Writing business memos and reports
3 Public speaking
4 Inter personal and group communication
General Awareness
1 Current affairs
2 Analysis of events
3 Impact of National and International developments on business
1 Willingness to learn, and change – adaptability
2 Social and cultural sensitivity
3 Commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction
4 Espirit de corps, team work, mutual respect and hard work
5 Inter and Intra individual harmony
6 Dedication
Computer usage skills
1 Application of software for decision making