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At BSMS, the key word in the campus recruiting program is flexibility. BSMS recruiting team will individually work with recruiters to customize services to ensure that the recruiters will be successful in their efforts for both career and internship employment. GIM offers companies the flexibility of choosing interviewing schedules. THE PLACEMENT OFFICE is truly a professionally managed customer service center.

Instructions for the recruiters to select students for Final Placement or Internship:

  •  The recruiter should send the letter of intent through e-mail/fax/courier to the Placement Officer with the details of the job offers. The date of PPT and inter view will be finalized after mutual consent.
  • The recruiter should send the list of facilities/items required and arrangements to be made prior to the visit. The recruiters can use all the infrastructure and hospitality available at campus during their visit.
  • The recruiters are required to complete all the formalities within the time allocated and should inform the Placement Office about the selections.
  • The recruiters are requested to send their consent by e-mail:

For further information you may contact the following:

Phone: (O) 080-28098014 (M) 08971199907