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Innovation management and MBA

Recently a huge survey took place of the directors, deans and other faculty of business school and it was concluded that the touch of innovation have become compulsory in most of the programs of MBA for betterment. It is expected that in upcoming years blended learning in MBA will be commonly seen.

A huge survey took place recently in which the directors and deans of 200 renowned business schools had participated in the International Deans and Directors Conference of Association of Association of MBAs. It was confronted by 2.5% business school that adding innovation could be a better idea, 60%said that their institute is remarkably good when it comes to innovation and 58% emphasize over the importance of innovation in the upcoming time for the set of education in their institute.

Innovation has become a necessity in the present market and it has become essential for business school to adapt it. This note was explained by the AMBA chief executive Sharon Bamford. AMBA is an MBA international accrediting body based in UK who had organized this conference.

Blended Learning MBAs

In the upcoming year it is also expected as based on this survey as per 50% directors and deans that blended learning in the MBA program is going to be the teaching mode in the recent upcoming years.
Blended learning MBA is called by several names like global MBA or distance learning MBA. This trend is utilized for executing the program delivery of MBA. The blended learning MBA program was conducted in the remote and traditional environment but along with that physical classes are conducted too in the business school ground. Bamford addressed the audience and the participants and said via several speakers the wind of revolution should be quick for better development.

Flexibility should be a part of upcoming innovative business school. It is essential to accelerate the integrated international partnership and joint programs. It will also help MBA program to get benefit from technology, creativity and diversity. A rapid growth has been noted in both the most populated countries of the world-China and India.

Emphasize over MBA specialization

More surprises could be expected in the upcoming areas of MBA as the survey had reveal about several specializations in this program. This specialization will be completely based upon the requirement of global society and business as per the prediction of this survey.

Revision of fee structure

With the introduction of anything new in any stream it has been often noted that the fees hike at an unbelievable rate. Here also there is a huge confusion regarding the fees increment as 65%among the present 200 directors as well dean had predicted that the fees may hike by 2011 whereas 33%said that no alteration regarding the fee structure will be noted . 2% people refuse to respond on this discussion.
One could expect to wait for this new program and for the changes it will bring.